I unwittingly began my career as a photo producer and art director at the age of 14. I began with my muse, my 7-year-old sister, and a Kodak 110 camera--acting as stylist, location scout, hair & makeup artist, and photographer (catering provided by mom). Eventually I graduated to 35mm and my trusty Pentax K1000, experimenting with B&W film, lighting, and an indoor "studio" that I created.

Not knowing at the time that this is something that people make careers out of, I spent the next several years pursuing other interests, including a long stint in the recording business.

In 2002, I left the music biz and started working on various projects as a freelance assistant producer for Sherpa Productions when a call came from Men's Health. They were looking for a temporary sittings editor to fill in for a few weeks until they could find a permanent one. Well, that was nearly 10 years ago, and I'm still there (and still booking all of their models!).

This portfolio represents the work I have done over the past 5 years as a photo editor for Men's Health, producing and often art-directing a range of shoots.